Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kyocera Zio set to be shipped by August 21st

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cricket to Launch Blackberry Before Android?

Its been a few weeks since I talked about Cricket and the new Android phone from Kyocera that will soon be launching. I should have mentioned that the name “Kyocera” will not be printed on the phone since it will be branded ‘Sanyo”. Kyocera has enlisted the company to produce their low budget introduction into the US smartphone market. However, at a hefty price tag of $300 bucks at launch I doubt anyone will call this phone low-budget. I hope this phone is more than meets the eye. Would have thought with a such a high price tag Cricket is placing on the device one would figure on better features than Kyocera has released about the phone. I for one do not like that fact that Android OS 1.6 will be on the phone at launch.Also, a 3.2 megapixel camera come on and get with Sanyo lets have at least 5.0 really!! As a side note you will be able to purchase this phone on another carrier later in the year or first part of 2011 for around $100 bucks, of course with 2-year contract and much higher monthly charges. Still yet Cricket offers a nearly unbeatable service. I have a Samsung Delve flashed to Cricket with a monthly charge of $48.11 that is with nationwide unlimited calling, texting and internet.I absolutely love the service I have had only one dropped call since getting the service nearly 6 months ago. My average bill with Alltel was 140 bucks a month that’s a 92 dollar a month savings and I have almost all the features as with Alltel, since the Delve was not created for the Cricket network not all the phones features work properly but, I can live with that.

I was told by a store manager that the Sanyo Zio would be available for online purchase on August 15th. I feel that this information is a little misleading as I believe that it will be available for pre-order on that date. Much like the Blackberry Curve has already appeared on the Cricket website for pre-order.  Much to my agrin the Blackberry has surfaced first after my source assured me that the android phone would come first with atleast a month before the Blackberry, well as anyone can see the Black Berry did show up first and now I am being told that the Zio may not surface till late September!! Well only time will tell. See you guys soon.